Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sunday, June 8, 2014

20 things I had wish I had known in my 20s.

Date many men.

Lifeguarding really isn't a job you can put on your resume after 21.

Drinking isn't an activity reserved for just Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Men in college are just as disposable as razors.

Wear good, high quality facial moisturizer with SPF every day.

Love your curves- because they just get "curvier" after 20.

The medium pizza and medium blizzard diet does not work.

Invest in good clothes. You'll still be wearing them into your 30s.

Trade in your hard alcohol for fine wine sometimes. You will begin to appreciate your blossoming wine knowledge.

The bank of Mom & Dad will close (if not yet, SOON). Start planning now.

People play favorites. Just because you are a "good" person does not mean that you will always come out ahead.

Taxes, mortgages, registrations and other misc. fees suck. Don't forget to save for them.

Your 2 sista's will never be quite as perky. Elongate those days. Wear a bra always.

Always wear nice underwear. You never know when you might "flash" someone.

Invest in good quality, fashionable shoes.

Knowing how to cook well will help you find a hubby.

Learn how to give great massages in order to receive good massages.

Make time to exercise- and get into the routine.

It's just as important to be street smart as it is to be book smart.

Smile...you never know whose watching.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How the new espresso machine saved my life

Have you ever muttered the words...
Oh, I wish Starbucks delivered.
I need a latte- I'm going to die.
Mommy needs a pick me up...

I used to. Pretty much each of those sentences one after another. Hey, I like to grumble. Especially in the morning. Especially before I've had my morning coffee.

Well, my husband finally got sick of this. Well, actually, he probably hated coming home at lunch and seeing my latte cups from various coffee drive-throughs on the counter. He thinks mathematically (not sarcastically) and well- he probably tallied things up.

One day I came home from a business trip. (Yay Expo West!) And this beautiful beast was on the kitchen counter.

No longer do I need to wish that Starbucks delivered. I've got one of these sweet, sweet babies in my life. (Not to be confused with my real sweet babies.) But this one DOES make me espresso in the mornings. (Can't say that about my 3 year-old!) This baby is SUPER AUTOMATED. It's SUPER BADASS.

Love this Saeco "Syntia" compact espresso machine. It's small, chic, and gets the job done right. This one was purchased from Seattle Coffee Gear. Which, by the way, has super quick shipping.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Anyone else have a PRINCESS in their house?

THE Princess with Spider Man
So, I've got a princess OBSESSED 3 year old. Nothing makes her more happy than a ridiculously poofy, Pepto pink tutu and the movie Cinderella on the big screen.

After hours in front of the boob tube, I finally thought it was time to divert her princess obsession into something good. Ya know, like something EDUCATIONAL.

So here we have it. A collection of princess inspired, Pre-K activities that you're little one can do! Ya know, while you're doing other things.

Princess sensory tub from the No Time For Flashcards blog. 

If you happen to save your TP and paper towel rolls, this Paper Roll Craft Castle tutorial is sweet! Via. Blog Me Mom.

I like this nifty princess play dough printable mat from Busy Little Bugs. Freaked out about play dough being smooched into your carpet? This would be fun with crayons or paper scraps and glue. 

Aaaand this adorable Princess Sofia coloring sheet from Disney Junior. (Which by the way, is better than Yo Gabba Gabba any day!). Spoonful.com has free printable coloring pages! 

Princess Putty. So, it resembles sparkly boogers...the kiddos love it. Via. The Gunny Sack.

FREE prince and princess crowns that your little ones can cut, color and decorate over at First Palette.

Another good one from No Time For Flashcards. "The Easy Shape Princess Craft." Super fun to do with bits of scrapbook paper and pretty much whatever is left in the bottom of your craft box.

Moms-Have you entered our Lunette cup giveaway yet? I LOVE mine! Enter to win here
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Expo West 2014 AND A Lunette Menstrual Cup GIVEAWAY!

Gotta say, I was really lucky to attend Expo West 2014- where I was able to check out the newest and most innovative in the natural products industry. From chicken- that wasn't really chicken to eco-conscious beauty products- pretty much all aspects of green living had a booth (or 100 to represent it!)

While there I got to hang out with the crew from Lunette! As in, Lunette menstrual cup. What's that you ask? It's a reusable menstrual care alternative. Similar to a tampon- but way more eco-chic. Seriously. I too was skeptical at first, but now I am a hardcore Lunette fan. Actually, I am such a believer that I'm going to giveaway a Lunette menstrual cup!

Why the heck do you want to win a FREE Lunette Menstrual Cup?
*The Lunette won't dry you out like tampons.
*You can wear it for up to 12 hours. (That means you don't have to wake up early to change your menstrual care.)
*No wet strings.
*Wont give you diaper rash like pads.
*They're super cute.
*Will last for years- as long as you don't lose it...or flush it down the toilet.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Participants must be 18 or older and live in the United States, Canada, or Mexico.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lies I tell my children.

You know you do it too...

I'll be out in just one minute.

Santa is coming to town.

If you tell me the truth you wont get into trouble.

Only mommies are allowed to say that word.

Yeah...that's chicken.

School is so fun.

That movie is broken.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mom Bags That Don't Suck.

My kid's are getting bigger. But not big enough that I can ditch a large bag. I like the idea of having a bag that's sturdy enough to carry around water bottles, iPads and snacks. I also want a bag that's going to be durable enough to withstand bags of moldy cheese that I forgot at the bottom with the leaky Nalgene bottle. Sorry sister. But this momma won't be toting a Louis Vuitton...at least not until my kids can lug around their own shit.

1. Timbuk2 Bag. (Customizable starting at 109) 
At first I thought these we're really ugly bags. Especially when all the college kids we're buying these back in the day to look cool for school. But now I like the option of styling my own messenger bag. Their website has several fabrics to choose from. So you can design yours to be a little less sporty- and more girly- if you choose. The size small would be perfect. Not too big, but big enough.

2. Haiku Hobo 2. (84)
Girly, yet the fabric is definitely suitable for lots of wear and gross spills. 

I'm lovin' this bag. Like a lot. It's green. Made with soft vintage leather...purrr...
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